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Odds of Getting In

Like so many other horticultural industries, wholesale nurseries have a problem with discrimination. It can be difficult for those who are not ethnically appropriate to find work in the larger wholesale nurseries that do more growing and less marketing. Discrimination is less of a problem where marketing is important, among smaller growers and wholesale nurseries who sell directly to landscape professionals (instead of simply selling to other outlets where landscape professionals or retail customers shop.) Regardless, there is a bit of competition for nursery jobs of all sorts. It helps to have experience and some education; even though those who have experience tend to keep it by not leaving their jobs (experience) to get new ones! You may need to take another job while you wait for the right nursery job to become available. Or, if you want to be more proactive about it, you can sign up on NurseryMatch.com, fill out your profile, and hope one “winks” at you.