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Much like retail nurseries, wholesale nurseries are among the least stressful of horticultural operations. Most of the stress is from getting orders delivered to retail nurseries or landscapers on time. Timing of seasonal items, like getting Easter lilies and poinsettias to bloom when needed, can get more hectic than a burlap sack full of bobcats (we know from experience), but only affects those growing such crops. The second most stressful concern is keeping all the plant material happy and adequately watered. Managing business aspects of a wholesale nursery can be stressful for those who must tend to that sort of work, but no worse than for any other business. Problems like Dust Bowl type droughts, swarming locusts or crop circles do not come up very often. Really, working in a wholesale nursery is simply not as stressful as working somewhere else. There are some offices that would probably actually trade in their office drama for a swarm of locusts.