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Bell Curve


You are delirious. It is 2am and you start to hallucinate that you are back at your high school prom. The ocean looks like the dance floor. You mistake your wrench for your date and wander out for one last dance.


You decide it might be fun to celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks. You are the only one who shares this sentiment as the rest of your co-workers watch the oil platform sink to the ocean from their lifeboat.


Oil rig life is difficult, but you bust your butt for two weeks and get a break for two weeks. You are able to afford a nice house and travel a bit with the oil company.


You have been promoted to derrick operator. You get to boss the new guys around and on your off time you can afford to travel all over the world.


You are an oil rig manager. Because of your leadership, there have been few accidents on the oil rig. You've won the respect of your co-workers and make a pretty hefty income.