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Oil Rig Worker

Odds of Getting In

Employment is expected to grow by 8%, according to the Bureau of Department of Labor. As of 2012, President Obama is pushing for an increase in oil production to snip our ties to foreign oil companies. Currently, oil companies are drilling in deeper waters. Not only does this usher in harsher conditions, but it also requires more workers to build complex platforms that can weather difficult conditions.

So how do you get a job? There are numerous recruitment agencies that help people find positions on an oil rig. Have a résumé ready. It also helps to check out job postings on career websites. You may want to go on an oil company’s website like British Petroleum to apply to their Human Resource Department. Tailor your résumé to their qualifications. But don't make stuff up. They'll know you weren’t really the "Grand High Oil Baron of Nantucket."