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You could become a famous country western star. Actually, Trace Atkins worked as a roughneck on an oil rig before he entered the honky-tonk spotlight. A roughneck is another name for a roustabout. Roughnecks perform numerous duties on the oil rig such as pour mud into pipes. Hope you don't mind getting dirty. They work odd hours and must be available to work around the clock. While working on the rig, the singer received a broken leg, busted forehead, and was marooned during a hurricane. Sounds like plenty of material for some country songs.

You may not reach the same level of fame as Trace Atkins, but your oil rig might. "Mr. Charlie" is an oil rig that has reached international acclaim. As part of the International Petroleum Museum and Exposition, people can tour "Mr. Charlie" to find out what the first transportable, submersible drilling rig was like. This famous oil rig was used to drill hundreds of offshore wells from 1954 to 1986 and revolutionized the offshore oil industry. Go Charlie!