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Pet Sitter

Physical Danger

Pet sitters enjoy (or endure, depending on their desire to live on the edge) some rather diverse physical dangers. Obviously, you risk being bitten by a pet on any given day. You might be the victim of Fluffy the cat's foul mood and razor-sharp teeth, or you might find that Fido chomps on your fingers when you slide his food bowl in front of him. It's not a bad idea to stick a first aid kit in the car. You might be able to stop the bleeding before you ruin your client's carpet. Not that they're going to complain about the stains too much. They’ll be too focused on convincing you not to file a lawsuit. Hmm…Fido, it's dinner-time….

You might also suffer Felix the cat's enraged kamikaze attack as he launches himself from the drapes when you walk through the door. He doesn't like strangers much a fact his owners conveniently failed to tell you. But count your blessings—at least he didn't pee on your clothes. You'd have more luck getting out a grape juice stain than that stuff.

You might think the next physical hazard only happens on cutesy commercials or in Disney movies. You know that retractable leash that allows Fido to explore all the peed-on trees within 30 feet? Well, that leash can also serve as a garrote of sorts for you, Fido's pet sitter. Imagine Fido winding himself around your legs, over and over, while you absent-mindedly stroll down the sidewalk. If Fido maneuvers himself just right, he can wrap the leash tightly around your legs, watching gleefully as you lose your balance and pitch headfirst into a rosebush. He'll report that victory when he visits the next tree.