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Pet Sitter

Physical Danger

Pet sitters enjoy (or endure, depending on their desire to live on the edge) some rather diverse physical dangers. Obviously, they risk being bitten by a pet on any given day. They might be the victim of Georgey the Cat's foul mood and razor-sharp teeth, or they might find that Mr. Figgles chomps on their fingers when they slide his food bowl in front of him. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to stick that first aid kit in the car after all.

Don't let them fool you; they're wily veterans of leash-maneuvering. (Source)

You might have thought the next physical hazard only happens on cutesy commercials or in Disney movies, but think again. 

You know that retractable leash that allows Sir Woofs-a-lot to explore all the peed-on trees within thirty feet? Well, watch out for the crafty dog who, while his sitter absent-mindedly strolls down the sidewalk, wraps the leash around a tree and through legs, improvising an ankle-twisting snare of leash line. He'll just watch with supreme satisfaction as the sitter loses balance and pitches headfirst into a rosebush.