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Bell Curve


After getting your undergraduate degree, four years of medical school, another year as an intern, and then four more years in residency, you won't find anything like an entry level position as a radiologist. It's an entry level position.


One way to become a radiologist without going through medical school is to become a radiology technician. You could also be a radiology technologist. If you were playing rock, paper, scissors, technologist would be the rock. You want to be the rock.


Like any doctor, a radiologist in her prime has a manageable schedule and caseload. She may have to devote one night a week to on-call duties, but she gets her weekends free to sit in a dark room and read all those back issues of Radiology Today.


In private practice, you will earn more, but will shift your duties to administrative ones. You'll recruit and hire new doctors, oversee contracts, and manage business operations.


Before retiring, many radiologists prefer to scale back and work part-time. Choosing your own hours, income, and type of work is a just reward for all the time you spent giving up your hours, income, and workload in the first half of your career. Enjoy it and go play with your new camera.