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The power of a sommelier is two-fold:

1. You have the power to produce profits for your purveyor of Pinots. That is, if you can upsell or encourage customers to buy more and more expensive wine than they might buy otherwise, you'll be oh so appreciated by your boss; and may even someday become the boss.

2. You have the power to please. You'll work a lot of "special occasions." Anniversaries, birthdays, that sort of thing. Finding the perfect wine that makes an evening truly memorable is a big deal, and it's likely that kind of power is what you actually care about—the kind that got you into the sommelier game in the first place.

But seriously, no wine for the baby. (Source)

Beyond that, there's not much power to brag about, your lordship. Really if you're in this job for the power, there's a good chance you're not doing it right. Remember, it's all about the wine, baby.