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Sports Physician

Physical Danger

Let's see, where shall we start? Let's say you're an NFL team physician with a 300-pound linebacker on your exam table. Guy got tackled by two bruisers, and the medics just pulled him off the field, screaming with excruciating knee pain. You've got the coaches hovering over you as you examine the guy, who is none too cooperative while you're poking and prodding him. The team just made the playoffs for the first time in three years, and there's a good chance they'll crash and burn if this guy's not in the lineup. Do you want to be the one to tell him? What are the odds you'll get out of there alive?

Now here's a scenario closer to home. You're team doctor for a local college basketball team with some talented players who unfortunately have some discipline problems. The star forward is known to be a hothead, and he's also rumored to be hitting the sauce pretty heavily. Unfortunately, his extracurricular activities are starting to affect his game. The coaches haven't gotten anywhere with him, so they threw up their hands and passed him off to you. Now you get to sit in your closed-door office with the guy. Hope you're good at ducking roundhouse rights.