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Odds of Getting In

This surveying gig could turn out very well for you. For starters, surveyors' employment is expected to increase. The country's infrastructure is showing its age, just like the people who use it. These deteriorating roads and bridges mean more construction will be needed to repair, upgrade, or replace the existing facilities. Of course, you might not find the same abundance of surveying opportunities in all parts of the country, so do your research carefully. Consider an area's economic conditions, along with its construction market, before you hang your hat there.

Fortunately, surveyors don't have to limit themselves to construction projects, which means their employment prospects increase substantially. Many companies are recognizing the value of geographic information systems (GISs), which provide geography-related data for multiple applications. For example, emergency planners, security firms, and urban planners use this data to create digital maps and other products. Where does a surveyor come in? Well, you have to certify the data's accuracy before anyone can use it.

Of course, any profession will have employment opportunities due to attrition. Surveyors will retire, move to other parts of the country, or simply move on. That means better odds for your surveying career.