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Bell Curve


Cab Rookie. Salary: $15,000 

In your first week you've cleaned up dozens of candy wrappers, thrown three really rude customers out of the car, and found one dead rat in the backseat of the taxi. Maybe you should stop picking up passengers near the entrance to the subway station.


Regular Cabbie. Salary: $20,000 

You've made enough money to cover the lease of your taxi for the month. Yoga class is helping your back and summertime has arrived with an influx of tourists in tow. Things are picking up, but it's still a bear to make rent. You contemplate turning your vehicle into a disco taxi. Decisions, decisions.


Experienced Taxi Professional. Salary: $25,000 

By working a second job, earning your tips, and being thrifty with your spending, you're able to save up enough for health insurance. You're living the American dream. And then your fifth fare of the day decides to rant at you about how taxi drivers are the lowest people on earth. These guys are the reason that T. Swift is only a button-press away, and that the volume dial goes up really high.


Veteran Cab Driver. Salary: $30,000 

Your city's public transportation labor union is on strike and everyone needs a taxi. There are so many people waving their hands over their heads you'd think you were at a college football game. Unfortunately, you can't charge any extra because it's busy, but you threaten to drive really slowly unless people tip you well.


Independent Taxi. Salary: $35,000 

You've earned enough money over the years to purchase your own car and a medallion. Since you're your own boss, you get to spend all day driving around and picking up whoever you feel like without reporting in. Of course, since the taxi is also the only car you own, your mechanic is getting a hefty share of your income.