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Bell Curve


You got into a horrific accident trying to get a passenger to the airport in time for their flight. Now that you're paralyzed from the neck down, you're wondering if maybe you should have waited for that light to turn green.


You've made enough money to cover the lease of your taxi for a month. Yoga class is helping your back and summertime has ushered in an influx of tourists. Things are picking up, but it's still a bear to make rent. You can't afford to turn your cab into a disco taxi, but maybe a polka one?


By working a second job, earning your tips and being thrifty with your spending, you are able to save up for your own cab and health insurance. You’re living an American dream. Not THE American dream. But someone somewhere in America has probably dreamt about getting their own cab and health insurance.


Your city's public transportation labor union is on strike and everyone needs a taxi. There are so many people waving their hands over their heads you'd think you were at a college football game.


You’ve earned enough money over the years to purchase your own car and a medallion. You're like a king among mere mortals…making $35k a year.