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You're Lord of the Road, driving the nomads of the night to their temporary destinations. But surprisingly, none of that will get you very far with your political aspirations. Just kidding—that's not surprising at all. There isn't much power in this career. From traffic patterns to your take-home pay, there's only so much you can control in trying to make this career work for you.

The nice part is the flexibility of your schedule; you can work as much or as little as you'd like. You have the power to work shifts that allow you to pursue an education or another career on the side—and the power to change your fortune shouldn't be ignored.

Real talk, though, taxi drivers tend to get pretty frustrated over their lack of power. They're often subjected to fare increases by the taxi commission without having any say in the matter. You think you hate it when gas prices go up? Taxi companies generally don't raise the rates because of fluctuations in gas price, so when costs are soaring, taxi drivers have to work overtime just to bring home the dough.