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Taxi Driver

Physical Danger

Taxi driving is among the top professions at risk for assault, robbery, and homicide. Have we sold you on this career path yet? Half of all taxi driver murders are the result of a robbery. Police officers have an uphill battle trying to track down criminals who were picked up off the street. Many crimes go unpunished. Sadly, we are often left only hoping that karma can do its thing.

In addition, taxi drivers are subjected to more than just dangerous criminals. Meals eaten on-the-go are not the healthiest. Also, a lack of physical activity causes back pain, unhealthy weight, and leg problems. There's actually a name for drivers who get leg problems from infrequent use: "the left leg limp." Fewer than 50 percent of taxi drivers have health insurance. Going to the doctor may not be an option, especially if they maintain day shifts. Maybe you can pick up a doctor who is headed in to the hospital and he can look you over on the way.