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You get to travel like a rock star. Hotels, cruise lines, tour companies, and rental companies give travel agents huge discounts. They still don't love it when you throw your hotel television set out the window though.

There is something to be said for mere "local" fame, however. Local fame means more referrals, which means more clients, which means more commish, and ultimately—mo' money.

Companies try to shower travel agents with perks so that they can go back and tell their customers about their experience. Sometimes these trips are referred to as familiarizing trips (FAM).

FAM trips offer agents ridiculous discounts so the agent can learn about the company’s new services. Refrain from trashing the room, because it will hurt your relationship with the hotel; a relationship you will want to draw upon in the future.

Looking like a famous celebrity is easy when you are able pay a regular room rate for a stay in the penthouse. If you have a choice, just try not to look like Steve Buscemi. He's a fine actor, but…we're just saying.