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Neil Gaiman

 Table of Contents

Coraline Characters

Meet the Cast

Coraline Jones

It's hard to think about Coraline without comparing her to other famous young heroines like Lucy, Alice, Meg, or even Hermione. Coraline is a classic heroine in many ways – she's a little girl wh...

The Other Mother (The Beldam)

The other mother, also known as the beldam (which means witch), is the book's super creepy villain. From the very beginning, it's clear to both Coraline and the readers that there's something very,...

Mr. Jones

Coraline's dad seems to be an okay dude. He tries his best to entertain his daughter (and to cook her dinner), but because he works from home, he doesn't have a lot of of time to play with her:He h...

Mrs. Jones

Coraline's mom is a tricky character. We don't know much about her (including her name), which reminds us a little of the other mother. But that's where the comparisons to the other mother end. All...

Miss Spink and Miss Forcible (April Spink and Miriam Forcible)

We're discussing these two characters together since they are sort of a package deal. In fact, it's sometimes hard to tell them apart. They live together (with their dogs), and they both enjoy tell...

The Ghost Children

The ghost children have been trapped by the other mother for a very long time. So long, in fact, that they dress and speak in an old-fashioned way. But what purpose do the children serve in the sto...

The Black Cat

The Black Cat is kind of a snot. There, we said it. We love him, but he really does have an attitude problem."We could be friends, you know," said Coraline."We could be a rare specimen of an exotic...

The Other Father

Coraline's other father is more pathetic than scary. We almost feel sorry for him, actually, because he seems like he's totally under the other mother's control."Really I mustn't talk to you when s...

The Other Miss Spink and The Other Miss Forcible

The beldam gets a lot of things wrong in her other world, but she seems to hit upon something important in the alternate versions of Miss Spink and Miss Forcible.They were thin, and pale, and quite...

Mr. Bobo (The Man Upstairs)

We only learn Mr. Bobo's name in the very last pages of the novel. And what a name it is – totally fitting for a guy who runs a mouse circus. It's also only at the end that Coraline learns any co...

Other Mr. Bobo

In the other world, Mr. Bobo is really scary. Maybe because he isn't really even a person:Coraline took a step closer to the man, and he fell apart. Black rats leapt from the sleeves and from under...

The Police Officer

When Coraline calls the police to report that her parents are missing, the officer who answers thinks that she's just a crazy kid who woke up from a nightmare. The cop doesn't help much, but he doe...
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