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Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac


by Edmond Rostand

Cyrano de Bergerac Language and Communication Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Act.Line)

Quote #1

A GUARDSMAN (to a flower girl who comes forward)
How sweet
Of you to come before they light the hall!
(Puts his arm around her)
FIRST CAVALIER (Receives a thrust of the foil)
A hit!
A club!
THE GUARDSMAN (Pursuing the girl)
A kiss!
THE FLOWER GIRL (Pushing away from him)
They’ll see us!
THE GUARDSMAN (Draws her into a dark corner)
No danger! (I.8-10)

The language of lovers renders the game of love a battle of words, a verbal sparring. It is fitting that this dialogue takes place at the very start of the play, since it sets the stage for what is to follow.

Quote #2

ANOTHER MAN (Draws a bottle from under his cloak and sits down with the others)
Here’s the spot
For a jolly old sot to suck his Burgundy—
Here—in the house of the Burgundians! (I.13-14)

Wordplay and verbal cunning also feature prominently in the play, so again Rostand readies us (at the start of the first act) for what is to come.

Quote #3

THE CITIZEN (To his son)
Would you not think you were in some den of vice?
(Points with his cane at the drunkard)
(In stepping back, one of the cavaliers trips him up)
(He falls between the lackeys)
(Behind him as he rises, still struggling with the Flower Girl)
One kiss –
Good God!
(Draws his son away quickly) (I.15)

Language synchronizes with action and provides the play with a verbal rhythm.

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