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An Enemy of the People

An Enemy of the People


by Henrik Ibsen

An Enemy of the People Quotes

Find the perfect quote to float your boat. Shmoop breaks down key quotations from An Enemy of the People.

Society and Class Quotes

Mayor Peter Stockmann: "there is an excellent spirit of toleration in the town--an admirable municipal spirit. And it all springs from the fact of our having a great common interest to unite us [&#...

Principles Quotes

Hovstad: "When I took over the 'People's Messenger' my idea was to break up this ring of self-opinionated old fossils who had got hold of all the influence." Dr. Stockmann: "But you know you told m...

Wealth Quotes

Mayor Peter Stockmann: "Think how extraordinarily the place has developed within the last year or two! Money has been flowing in […]" Hovstad: "And unemployment is diminishing." Mayor Peter S...

Rules and Order Quotes

Dr. Stockmann: "They [the young] are the people who are going to stir up the fermenting forces of the future, Peter." Mayor Peter Stockmann: "May I ask what they will find here to 'stir up'[…...

Politics Quotes

Mayor Peter Stockmann: "I am entitled to request most emphatically that all arrangements shall be […] dealt with by the legally constituted authorities. I can allow no going behind our backs...

Pride Quotes

Hovstad: "[The Baths ] owe their existence to [Dr. Stockmann]. Mayor Peter Stockmann: "To him? Indeed! It is true I have heard from time to time that some people are of that opinion." (1.46-47)

Hypocrisy Quotes

Mayor Peter Stockmann: "I personally have no reason to bear any ill will to your paper, Mr. Hovstad." (1.27)

Power Quotes

Mayor Peter Stockmann: "I must say it all sounds most mysterious. Is there something going on that I am to be kept in ignorance of? I should have imagined that I, as Chairman of the governing body...

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