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Book of Genesis

Book of Genesis

Book of Genesis Resources



Want to dig deep? iTanakh contains academic articles on nearly every passage in Genesis. If you're curious about a certain passage—or even a turn of phrase—click on over.

Conversations on Faith

Your one-stop shop for information and conversations about different religions.

The Brick Testament

Genesis in Legos? Yes, please. They don't shy away from the gritty stories—they just Legofy them.


Year One

The stars of this comedy, Zed and Oh, aren't around in Genesis, but they stumble through selected biblical-ish stories. Along the way, they encounter events featured in the stories of Cain and Abel, Abraham and Isaac, and Sodom and Gomorrah. Hilarity ensues.

Evan Almighty

In this retelling of the story of Noah and the Ark, Noah is pretty comical—and kind of angsty, too.


In this 1998 theo-dramatic crime drama, the bad guys are "fallen" angels inhabiting bodies on earth. Body Snatchers, anyone? The movie picks up on the reference in Genesis 6:4 to the "fallen ones" (KJV) or "Nephilim" (NRSV).

Adam's Rib

Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn star in this aptly named courtroom drama.

Loving Leah

A modern-day story about the practice of levirate marriage set in the United States. Think back to Genesis 38, when we learn that a brother is supposed to marry his deceased brother's wife and raise an heir on his brother's behalf.


The Epic of Gilgamesh

The stories of Genesis don't emerge from a vacuum. Other writings from the Ancient Near East have a lot in common with it. Check out this nearly 4,000-year-old story for one example.

Enuma Elish

Like Genesis, this ancient text is a literary product of the Ancient Near East and is complete with an alternative and highly polytheistic creation account. Read! Compare! Discuss!


Noah's Ark as told by BBC

The BBC juxtaposes a literalist reading of the flood story with contemporary science. Fancy.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Donny Osmond plays Genesis's own Joseph in this clip from the movie version of Andrew Lloyd Weber's musical stage-play.


Joan Baez

In her song, "Isaac and Abraham," Baez reexamines Abraham's near-sacrifice of his son Isaac. What's her take?

Bob Dylan

In this hit, Dylan puts a folksy spin on the passage when Adam names all the animals of creation.

The Grateful Dead

"My Brother Esau" interprets the tension and reconciliation between the biblical brothers in Genesis. Yeah, that was a messy one.

Spinal Tap

The title of the song, "Rock and Roll Creation," says it all.


Printed Genesis

The Gutenberg Bible is the first Bible constructed using a printing press. That means that this picture shows the first ever printed page of the book of Genesis. Fancy.

Mapping Genesis

Googlemaps might fail you, but this one should take care of all your Genesis geography needs.

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