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The God of Small Things

The God of Small Things


by Arundhati Roy

Rahel Timeline and Summary

  • (In chronological order; not the order that appears in the book).
  • Rahel is born eighteen minutes after Estha. They were almost born on a bus.
  • Rahel and her family drive out to Cochin to see The Sound of Music.
  • Rahel sees Velutha marching with the Communists and calls after him.
  • Ammu tells Rahel they have to leave the movie early because Estha is sick. Rahel is pissed and says something hurtful to Ammu. Ammu tells her that saying mean things makes people love you less. Rahel gets scared that Ammu doesn't love her.
  • The family goes to the airport, and Rahel thinks she sees one of the kangaroo-shaped trash bins come to life.
  • Sophie Mol arrives. Rahel hides in the airport curtains to avoid her, and Ammu gets mad at her.
  • At home, while everyone is making a big deal about Sophie Mol, Rahel runs off to hang out with Velutha.
  • Rahel finds Estha rowing jam in the factory and thinking his Two Thoughts.
  • They find a boat and take it to Velutha so he can fix it.
  • Estha, Rahel, and Sophie Mol decide to run away. They cross the river in the boat. The boat capsizes and the twins realize that Sophie has drowned.
  • Rahel and Estha see the police kick the you-know-what out of Velutha in the History House.
  • Baby Kochamma tells Estha and Rahel that they are murderers and that Ammu will die in jail if they don't answer "yes" to the inspector's questions.
  • Rahel think she sees Sophie Mol do a cartwheel in her coffin.
  • After Ammu dies when Rahel is 11, she is sent away, and drifts from school to school.
  • Rahel goes to Delhi to study architecture. She meets Larry McCaslin, whom she then marries. They move to Boston.
  • Rahel divorces Larry. She moves to New York, then Washington.
  • Rahel returns to Ayemenem in 1993.
  • Rahel chats with Comrade K.N.M. Pillai.
  • Back at the house, Rahel finds a bunch of little trinkets that she had hidden away as a girl.
  • She reads Estha a story he had written as a boy. It's about Ammu.
  • Rahel goes to watch a kathakali performance, stopping by the old pickle factory on her way.
  • While Rahel watches the kathakali performance, she realizes that Estha is nearby. They walk home together.
  • Rahel and Estha lie in bed together, then have sex.