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Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire


by Anne Rice

Interview with the Vampire Analysis

Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory


New Orleans: Let the Good Times RollLouis's story begins in New Orleans, and it ends in New Orleans. In fact, "there is no city in America like New Orleans" (1.172). It's like Cajun spice brought t...

Narrator Point of View

If we were to get super technical—which, you know, we do—then we would say that Interview with the Vampire is told in third-person perspective. We can hear you now. "But Louis narrates the stor...


Interview with the Vampire could fit into a few genres, if you want to get really specific. Examples: Homoerotic Vampire Romance. Broody Vampire Whine-fest. We could go on.Unlike Anne Rice, we're j...

Writing Style

If Louis had one skill, and only one skill, it would be talking. Boy, can this guy talk. He's the type of guy to whom you might say: "Do you just have all the time in the world to talk about yourse...

What's Up With the Title?

One small article can make a lot of difference. This book is called Interview with THE Vampire. Here's the bare-bones plot of the story: A boy is interviewing Louis, a vampire. Why is he called the...

What's Up With the Ending?

There are two ends to Interview: the end to Louis's story, and the end of the book itself. Louis's story ends on a huge bummer. He has pretty much lost everything: Claudia, Armand, Lestat, his enti...


You don't need supernatural vampire senses to enjoy Interview. Just a basic grasp of the English language will do. Even though the whole novel is narrated in Louis's voice, he doesn't speak in a di...

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