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The Lady with the Dog Questions

Bring on the tough stuff - there’s not just one right answer.

  1. Consider the four sections into which "The Lady with the Dog" is divided. Where do these sections start and end? How would you characterize the mood of the story in each of these? What is the overall effect of such structuring?
  2. In "Point of View" we talk about how the narrative stays mostly with Gurov. How would this story be different if we followed Anna instead? Would the themes and ideas be the same?
  3. Is Anna and Gurov's relationship simply a case of bad timing? What does "The Lady with the Dog" say about relationships?
  4. Are Anna and Gurov likeable characters? Does the answer to this question change as the story progresses?
  5. How much information are we given about these characters, and how much are we expected to infer, particularly about their pasts?

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