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Angelo Timeline and Summary

  • 1.1: Angelo is named deputy while Duke Vincentio is (supposedly) out of town.
  • 1.2: Off-stage, Angelo has sentenced Claudio to death for fornicating with Juliet.
  • 2.2: Angelo meets with Isabella and gets all riled up by the steamy virgin. Still, he refuses to budge when Isabella pleads for Claudio's life.
  • 2.4: Angelo tries to blackmail Isabella into having sex with him.
  • 3.4: Off-stage, Angelo thinks he's hooking up with Isabella but is tricked into having sex with Mariana.
  • 5.1: Angelo is accused by Isabella of being a "virgin violator."
  • 5.1: Angelo discovers that Duke Vincentio has been spying on him and that he had sex with his ex-fiancé, Mariana.
  • 5.1: Angelo confesses to everything and says he deserves death.
  • 5.1: Angelo is ordered to marry Mariana and then he's pardoned when Isabella begs for his life.
  • 5.1: Angelo and Mariana get hitched (off-stage).