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Menelaus Photos

    My Unfaithful Wife
    Look at how disgusting these two are. Isn’t this a good enough reason to start a war? [The Love of Helen and Paris by Jacques-Louis David, 1788]

    Paris is a Wuss
    Of course Aphrodite swooped him away when we were dueling. He’s a total coward. [Menelaus in Single Combat with Paris by Johann Heinrich Tischbein, 1757]

    Trojan Horse
    I wish Odysseus had designed this thing with a little more room inside, but hey, it did the job. [Procession of the Trojan Horse in Troy by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo, 1773]

    Visit from Telemachus
    So nice of Odysseus' son to visit Helen and me. [Helen Recognizing Telemachus, Son of Odysseus by Jean-Jacques Lagrenee, 1795]

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