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Murder on the Orient Express
Murder on the Orient Express
by Agatha Christie
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Murder on the Orient Express Visions of America Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

"Have you ever been in America, Mademoiselle?"

"No. Very nearly once. I was to go with an invalid lady, but it was cancelled at the last moment. I much regretted. They are very good, the Americans. They give much money to found schools and hospitals. They are very practical." (2.5.53-54)

Greta Ohlsson, the Swedish woman, offers a positive vision of America.

Quote #5

"I don't as a rule like Americans – haven't any use for 'em –"

Poirot smiled, remembering MacQueen's strictures on "Britishers." (2.8.38-39)

MacQueen and Colonel Arbuthnot have conflicting views about the other's culture.

Quote #6

"It is true that America is the country of progress," agreed Poirot. "There is much that I admire about Americans. Only – I am perhaps old-fashioned – but me, I find the American woman less charming than my own countrywomen. The French or Belgian girl, coquettish, charming – I think there is no one to touch her." (2.15.20)

Poirot admits to admiring America. What does he mean by "progress"?

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