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The Spanish-American War Images

"The Spanish Brute"

"The Spanish Brute," a caricature of the Spanish Empire printed in the American journal Judge, July 9, 1898.

Roosevelt's Rough Riders

Theodore Roosevelt and his Rough Riders Regiment on San Juan Hill, 1898.

Buffalo Soldiers

Members of the African-American volunteer regiments serving in the Spanish-American War, 1898.

"Charge of the Rough Riders"

American painter Frederic Remington's 1898 masterpiece, Charge of the Rough Riders.

"The White (?) Man's Burden"

A political cartoon entitled "The White (?) Man's Burden," published in Life, 1899, comments on the relationship between colonizers and their colonies.

"Dewey Smashes Spain's Fleet"

The front page of the American newspaper The World, May 2, 1898.

In Memory of José Martí

The José Martí Memorial Monument in Havana, Cuba.

Emilio Aguinaldo

Emilio Aguinaldo, leader of the Filipino independence movement.

Filipino Revolutionaries

A group photo of Philippine's insurgent troops, c. 1900.

The U.S. and the East

A historic map showing routes and distances between the United States, Hawaiian Islands, Philippine Islands, and China, c. 1898.

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