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The Spanish-American War Websites

Yellow Journalism and the Spanish American War

PBS presents an interactive feature on yellow journalism in the United States and its influence on the American public. See how sensational accounts of events in Cuba in the New York World and the New York Journal led to an American declaration of war against Spain.

Through the Eyes of the Rough Riders

A comprehensive collection of documents by and about The Rough Riders regiment, this site includes gripping first-hand accounts of battle, the original text of daily newspaper reports about the war, and several biographies.

The History of the Buffalo Soldiers

The Historic Presidio of San Francisco presents the history of Buffalo Soldiers and black volunteer servicemen who fought in the Spanish-American war.

The Life and Work of José Martí

This fairly well-organized collection of historical information on Cuba includes letters, essays, and poetry written by José Martí, a revolutionary leader of the Cuban Independence movement.

The Philippine-American War

This educational website presents several primary source documents from the Philippine-American War, including many of Emilio Aguinaldo's statements and official proclamations.

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