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The Outsiders
The Outsiders
by S.E. Hinton
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The Outsiders Society and Class Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

"Good behavior. Got off early." (1.54)

These are the words of Dallas Winston, of course. When the novel begins, he's just gotten out of jail. Dallas, like many of the characters in the novel, belongs to a criminal class. We see criminal behavior in both Greasers and Socials.

Quote #5

When you're thirteen in our neighborhood you know the score. I kept saving for a year, thinking that someday I could buy Mickey Mouse back for Soda. You're not so smart at ten. (3.14)

Mickey Mouse (the horse) becomes, for Pony, a symbol of his family's economic class. He doesn't understand why some boys can own horses and others can't. Plus, Mickey Mouse and Soda loved each other. Shouldn't love be enough?

Quote #6

"Maybe the two different worlds we live in weren't so different. We saw the same sunset." (3.18)

Cherry Valance gets Pony thinking about nature – something he already loves – as a connecting factor that doesn't care about class or wealth.

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