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The Vietnam War Photos

Feast on some eye candy with our The Vietnam War slideshow.

Check out our full-size images of The Vietnam War photos, art, and paintings.

Soldiers in Vietnam
Eisenhower and Ngo Dinh Diem
Ho Chi Minh
Ho Chi Minh in East Germany
Lyndon B. Johnson
Gen. Westmoreland
Robert McNamara
Vietnamese Fishing Junk
Bao Dai
Inspections on the Water
Viet Cong Prisoner
Viet Cong Junk
Helicopter Inspection
Coastline View
Firing at a Hideout
A Marine and a Viet Cong
Boat's Crew
Bombing North Vietnam
Captured Viet Cong
Suspected Communist Peasants
Rubble in Saigon
Nguyen Van Thieu
Nixon Speaks About Expansion
A Vietnamese Girl
Taking a Break
John McCain, Former POW
Intensive Care Ward
Opposition to Vietnam War
Anti-Vietnam War
Vietnam War Memorial
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