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The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes

Website: http://www.barronprize.org/

Who's Eligible: Students ages 8 to 18

Award Amount: $5,000

Due Date: April 15


Put down the Xbox and pick up some volunteer service hours if you want to win this one. Designed for young motivators who have made a positive difference in the world, this award was made for hard workers who can plan and see their projects through. If your academic transcript is not perfect, don't sweat it. Academic work and financial need do not factor into this award, but how much of a difference you make will. Previous winners include an 11 year-old student who provided drinking water for more than seventy African villages, a 16 year-old applicant who created a reading mentorship program in his home town, and the myriad others outlined here. Students have to be nominated by an adult, so if you think that your project is worthy of some monetary attention, find someone to nominate you ASAP.

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