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A Man for All Seasons Choices

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We sometimes have a full-on mental breakdown when choosing a pair of shoes to wear, so we don't even know what we'd do if we were in Thomas More's size elevens in A Man for All Seasons. A high-ranking politician in 16th-century England, More is plunged into controversy when King Henry VIII decides to divorce his wife, Queen Catherine, much to the chagrin of the Pope and the Catholic Church. That leaves More to make an important decision: should he turn his back on his beliefs and take the King's side, or should he follow his conscience and make a stand for his religion?

Questions About Choices

  1. Does More make the right choice? Explain.
  2. In what ways does Alice help More make decisions?
  3. Can an oath be considered a "choice"? Why or why not?
  4. What other characters, besides More, make important choices during the play?

Chew on This

More made the right choice by refusing to sign the oath because he is a man who values staying true to one's principles above all else.

More made the wrong choice by refusing to sign the oath because being alive is better than being dead.

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