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A Million Little Pieces Religion

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"Let Go and Let God." "But For the Grace of God." "Much done with LOLcat."All of these phrases are inspirational in their own way. Two of them come from AA, which has deeply Christian roots, and the other comes from an even higher power: Doge.

You wouldn't think religion would factor all that much into a book about drug abuse and rehab, but it does. There but for the Grace of Doge, goes James Frey… or something like that.

Questions About Religion

  1. Why does James object to the religious aspect of AA and the Twelve Steps? Is religion the only part of the program he has an issue with?
  2. Do you believe James attacked the priest in France, as he said he did? (This book came out at the height of the Catholic sex abuse scandals.) Why was James so angry?
  3. Did you expect James to come around in the end and try AA, or did you expect him to remain stubborn and unquestioning in his atheism until the end?

Chew on This

James seems to get angrier and angrier at God the more he is expected to accept the religious aspect of AA. This is less about atheism and more about James always trying to go against what is expected of him.

Religion helps people by giving them a set of rules to abide by. We all know how James feels about rules, so it's no surprise that he ditches religion, too.

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