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A Million Little Pieces The Truth

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The Truth

Yes, we're breaking out the big T-word in relation to A Million Little Pieces. Even if you've never read the book, you probably know that James Frey's idea of the truth regarding the events in this book was called into question. We could hear Oprah's screams even with the TV off.

The big irony (it's not just a way to describe helmets, Shmoopers) is that even within the text, James makes a big deal about how important it is for people, especially addicts in recovery, always to tell the truth so that their experience rings true.

Rings true, eh? If this book were a bell, it'd have a crack larger than the Liberty Bell.

Questions About The Truth

  1. Why does James fixate on the truth? Why doesn't he believe so many other accounts of rehab?
  2. What parts of James's story do you think are true? What parts did he fabricate? Why did he lie?

Chew on This

James is good at spotting liars (like Bobby the "gangster" and the "rock star" James thinks is full of it) because he, himself, is a liar. Takes one to know one.

Perhaps James thinks other addicts are liars because he doesn't understand what <em>true </em>addiction is actually like. 

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