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Big Little Lies Jane's Haircut

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Jane's Haircut

Jane gets an adorable pixie cut a few days before Trivia Night. But this isn't any old snap decision to shed a few pounds of hair-weight. For one, it's not exactly something that Jane initially wants. It's all Mrs. Ponder:

“Oh, I was teasing, love! Of course you’ll go as Audrey. You’ve got just the figure for it. Actually you’d look lovely with one of those short, boyish haircuts. What do they call it? A pixie cut!” (61.22)

A little bit of background: the connection that Mrs. Ponder is making between Audrey Hepburn and pixie cuts isn't random. In Roman Holiday, one of Hepburn's most famous movies, she plays a princess who manages to escape her life of royal duties and run around Rome for a few days with Gregory Peck. One thing she does is gets her hair cut daringly short in order to truly transform from being Princess Anne to free, fun-loving commoner Anya.

Jane, of course, is doing something similar. By the time she sheds her locks, she has unburdened herself—she has shared the story of her traumatic assault with her friends and feels lighter and more alive than she has in years. Like Audrey Hepburn's Princess Anne, she's free.

The circumstances around the haircut underline this transformation. Jane is corralled into the hair salon when Ziggy is diagnosed as having hair lice—Mrs. Ponder takes both of them to her daughter's business for the primary reason of getting rid of nits. Jane's haircut is something that happens as a result. It's worth pointing out that both mother and son are undergoing a freeing, cleansing experience—Ziggy says goodbye to the discomfort of hair lice and Jane says goodbye to carrying so much of the weight of the past.

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