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Big Little Lies Sex

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Pirriwee is a hotbed of rumors—and you'd better believe a lot of those rumors have to do with doing it.

Whether the town gossips are talking about the impact of the new French nanny, the love lives of wealthy Pirriwee Public parents, or who looks best dressed up like Audrey or Elvis, sex is on everyone's minds.

But a lot of the sex that Big Little Lies covers is marred by the ugliness of violence. Celeste's life is full of sex that comes on the heels of assault, and Jane is only beginning to recover from the trauma of a rape that occurred years prior. This book asks us repeatedly to ponder the ways that violence can shadow a sex life.

Questions About Sex

  1. What are the reasons for Jane's sexual rehabilitation over the course of this novel? 
  2. Are any of the lies in Big Little lies about sex? 
  3. How is the childhood bullying in this novel a reflection of sexual assault? 
  4. In what way does the character of Madeline sexually evolve over the course of the novel?

Chew on This

Big Little Lies portrays sex and sexuality as forces that are often tinged with darkness.

Big Little Lies show us that sex is, in many ways, the opposite of violence.

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