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Dystopian Literature

Works of dystopian literature don't usually end well, y'all. 1984? A downer. Brave New World? Not so brave, and not so new. In fact, Burn actually gives us a glimmer of hope (and a low body count), which makes it one of the most uplifting dystopian novels we've ever read.

But that still ain't saying much. It's still bleak, and it's still inconclusive.

In fact, although the Dome has been breached, the world that Pressia & Co. inhabit is still far from ideal, or even normal. There are still Dusts. There are still factions fighting each other. There is still a scorched wasteland outside of the punctured Domeā€¦ and there's still a general sense of suicidal malaise inside the Dome. Although the tyrannical government has been overthrown, there's still a lot of rebuilding to be done.

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