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Burn Suffering

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Everyone suffers in the Burn trilogy. Everyone. At this point in the trilogy, even the Pures are suffering—suffer so much from their own guilt and cowardice that they commit suicide to free themselves from their pain.

And then there's the obvious suffering in the wretches. Every wretch sees death on a daily basis, and near the end of the book we even see mass graves all over their burning cities. Yikes.

Questions About Suffering

  1. Who suffers more — the wretches or the Pures?
  2. Think about Hastings: how is his suffering unique?
  3. Does Pressia's suffering desensitize?

Chew on This

Because he suffers so much, Bradwell welcomes his own death.

The Pures' suffering is actually worse than the wretches' suffering, because the Pures are deeply ashamed. At least the wretches can be proud and brave.

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