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Burn Truth

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In Burn, the truth isn't just as simple as "the opposite of lies." The truth refers to the whole truth, the greater truth, and the truth that lends meaning to everything. Yeah. It's a big, difficult, nebulous subject.

But for people like Bradwell, the whole truth is the only thing that truly matters. If you can figure out the truth, then you can make things right—and this trilogy is essentially one big quest for the truth. The problem is that that truth is hidden behind heavily armed doors… and within the hearts of evil, troubled people.

Questions About Truth

  1. Why does Bradwell make his main goal the truth?
  2. The adults in the Dome already knew about the truth of the Detonations—so why did Partridge's speech make people commit suicide?
  3. Did Willux lie, or just mask the truth?

Chew on This

People in the Dome couldn't handle the truth, so Partridge's shouldn't have broadcasted the truth.

Bradwell's search for the truth is why he is grounded in reality, and Pressia's mission is selfish because she often ignores the truth.

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