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Crank Exploration

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Being a teenager commonly brings a time of exploration with it, but when you're seventeen and heavily involved with the crank scene in a city, things tend to get kicked up a notch. While Kristina's obviously aware of the dangers involved with having sex, mixing different types of substances, and getting involved with the drug dealing scene, consequences don't seem to matter in comparison to her desire to live life in the fast lane. Taking risks, no matter how unsafe, becomes a way of life for Kristina as crank takes over her existence. Unfortunately in Crank, exploration comes at a high price.

Questions About Exploration

  1. If Kristina knows the health and legal ramifications of her drug use, why does she keep doing it?
  2. What is Kristina trying to escape through her use of crank? Why do drugs seem to provide the way out?
  3. What's Robyn's role in Kristina's flirtation with drugs?
  4. Does Kristina's pregnancy ultimately provide closure to her period of exploration? Why or why not?

Chew on This

Drug exploration provides a convenient way for Kristina to avoid exploring her family's troubled past and who she wants to be going forward.

Kristina chooses to ignore the consequences of her actions in favor of getting lost in the fast life of drug use.

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