Study Guide

Crank Sex

By Ellen Hopkins


Where there're drugs, there's lowered inhibitions, and where inhibitions are lowered, there's probably going to be sex. In Kristina's case in Crank, things get a little out of control when her connection to the monster leads her to three different guys, all of whom have different ideas about what a relationship means and how sex functions within it.

While she begins the story not interested in relationships at all, Kristina's encounter with crank quickly introduces her to sexual activity as well, changing her life forever. Throughout the book, sex is not exactly synonymous with love, often acting as a tool for manipulation, drug acquisition, and even outright violence.

Questions About Sex

  1. How do Adam and Lince change Kristina's attitude toward relationships and sex? Be specific, please.
  2. How do Adam, Brendan, and Chase differ in the ways they see sex? How does this impact Kristina? Give examples from the book to support your claim.
  3. How does the use of crank change and distort the meaning of sex for the characters? Are there any patterns you notice here?
  4. How do you think Kristina's experiences with sex will impact her future relationships? Why?

Chew on This

In the context of drug addiction, sex becomes a tool for power and control.

Chase cares about Kristina's wellbeing even if he has some strange ways of showing it.

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