Study Guide

Cutting for Stone Sex

By Abraham Verghese


Yeah, Cutting for Stone is full of sex.

Unfortunately, it's usually not great sex, and it usually ends in disaster. From a deathly pregnancy to sexually transmitted infections and even ultimate betrayals, doing it is not all it's cracked up to be in this novel. Sex is the uncontrollable part of all these scientific characters, and they don't necessarily understand cutting loose.

Questions About Sex

  1. Why do you think that Marion and Shiva have such different attitudes about sex?
  2. Are there any sexual relationships in the novel that have good consequences?
  3. How are male and female characters' attitudes towards sex different? How are they alike?

Chew on This

Cutting for Stone portrays sex as nothing but trouble.

Sex is the animal side of the human being in the novel, as opposed to the rational side.