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Dark Matter Choices

By Blake Crouch

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How freaky would it be if every choice you've ever made created an alternate reality? That's the idea at the heart of Dark Matter, a novel that explores quantum theory as you might experience it outside of a physics textbook.

Our hero, Jason Dessen, sometimes regrets his choice to get married instead of focusing on his career as a research scientist. But when his wish for a second chance comes true in the form of an alternate universe, he starts singing a different tune. As he learns, we don't have to think that we've made the right choices in our lives, but we do have to learn to accept them.

Questions About Choices

  1. Is Jason's decision to stay with Daniela the most important one of his life? Why or why not?
  2. Does quantum physics affect your understanding of choice? In what way?
  3. Do the various Jasons approach their life choices differently? Explain.
  4. What important choices do Daniela and Charlie make?

Chew on This

Quantum physics totally undermines the concept of choice, as we actually make all available choices at all times.

Quantum physics does not undermine the concept of choice, as we as individuals only experience one version of our choices.

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