Study Guide

Doll Bones What's Up With the Title?

By Holly Black

What's Up With the Title?

Dolls have all sorts of parts if you think about it—eyes, hands, feet, hair, clothes; we could go on. Typically, though, they don't have bones. So by calling the book Doll Bones, well, the title takes a creepy turn. Bones belong to the living, and dolls belong to the land of inanimate toys… right? Right? Before we so much as crack open the cover, we have a hunch we're in for a creepy tale.

As it turns out, the Queen is real—sort of. In addition to carrying a burlap sack of ash and bone in her chest cavity, her porcelain skin is infused with the bones of a dead girl. We bet that's not a technique they use at American Girl. Or we hope not, at least…

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