Study Guide

Doll Bones Writing Style

By Holly Black

Writing Style

Straightforward, Plot-Driven, and Quirky

The crazy plot of Doll Bones, an incredible story about a haunted doll, is balanced by straightforward, unadorned writing. The words paint vivid pictures, but we never really stop to linger over the language itself—instead the story is plot-driven, meaning the action unfolds at a quick pace. It's just one crazy thing after another, so we're almost as swept up in the adventure as the characters themselves.

While the writing style is fairly plain, there are a few quirky touches that help give the book its personality. From the Party (Zach's oddly named cat), to the Willy Wonka-esque flavors in the donut shop (pickle juice or Pop Rocks donuts, anyone?), to Miss Katherine the pink-haired librarian, we get the sense that the author has a real appreciation for things that are weird. Which is good, since she's telling a story about a possessed doll.

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