Study Guide

A Doll's House Money

By Henrik Ibsen

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Early in A Doll's House, the characters spend a good deal of time talking about their finances. Some are on the upswing, with the promise of free-flowing cash in the future. Others are struggling to make ends meet. Either way, each character's financial status seems to be a defining feature.

Questions About Money

  1. What is the relationship between money and power in the play?
  2. Which is more valuable to Krogstad: money or reputation?
  3. Why do you think Torvald is so horrified of debt?
  4. In what ways has financial hardship made Christine a stronger person?

Chew on This

By deciding not to borrow money from Dr. Rank, Nora shows that she values their friendship and her own personal integrity.

Torvald's fear of debt is what drives Nora to commit forgery. In a way, it is the cause of all the problems in the play.

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