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Homeless Bird Perseverance

By Gloria Whelan

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If there's one thing we know about Koly in Homeless Bird it's that she always perseveres, no matter what odds are piled up against her. Think about the difficulty she goes through. She's a young widow in a society that throws widows out like old garbage; she has to deal with tough-as-nails Mrs. Mehta who goes out of her way to belittle Koly; plus she doesn't have a home of her own. Even though a lot of rough stuff happens to her, though, Koly always dusts herself off and gets back up again. This girl is the embodiment of can-do attitude.

Questions About Perseverance

  1. Is Koly's perseverance a choice or an obligation? How does her notion of pride and honor play into her resolve?
  2. How does Mrs. Mehta persevere in her own way? Why is her attitude so sullen whenever she does?
  3. Does Koly get rewarded or punished for her hard work and dedication? How would her story be different if she ran away from Mrs. Mehta?
  4. Aside from Koly, which other characters overcome hardship in the book? Does anyone have the same attitude as Koly about never giving up?

Chew on This

Koly has little control over her life, so her perseverance doesn't bring her anything but more suffering.

Koly demonstrates that with perseverance and a positive attitude, anyone can turn his/her life around and change for the better.

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