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How I Live Now Warfare

By Meg Rosoff

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When How I Live Now begins, war means to Daisy the same thing it means to many of us in America—it's something far away and vague, involving unknown people and unimaginable damage, fought for only semi-understood reasons. But for Daisy, the war comes closer—way closer—interrupting her life, threatening those she holds most dear, and forcing her to fight for survival and family. Through the war, Daisy faces loss, pain, and challenges she's never dreamt of, but she also finds strength and courage that she didn't know she had.

Questions About Warfare

  1. Why do you think the details of the war are kept vague? We don't know who exactly is fighting or why—what affect does this have on your reading?
  2. Do you think Daisy would have had the same connection with Edmond, Piper, and their family had they not struggled to survive in the war, together and apart? Why or why not?
  3. Does anything about Daisy's experience in this war make you think differently about the wars we have going on in the world today?

Chew on This

The vagueness of the nature of the conflict and what countries are involved allows readers to place themselves in Daisy's shoes.

The war saves Daisy, both mentally and physically, and it is likely that she would not have become who she is without surviving it.

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