Study Guide

A Mango-Shaped Space Writing Style

By Wendy Mass

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Writing Style

Descriptive and Imaginative

Let's face it: We'd have a hard time understanding what Mia goes through without a bunch of description. That's why the writing style is so helpful in this book—we can almost see and feel what Mia does. Check out how she describes sounds for instance:

My sight is filled with blurry purple triangles and waves of green and floating black dots and balls of all sizes and shades of colors, spinning, swooping, swirling in front of me and across the room and in my mind's eye. (1.48)

Is it just us, or did you just see colors? Mia explains her synesthesia in a very imaginative—dare we say, colorful—way. We can see the glow around her family or the shapes coming from music because she gives us loads of info about what they look like. The descriptive writing style helps us imagine what life must be like for her, which is key, since most of us don't have synesthesia.

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