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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Narrator Point of View

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Narrator Point of View

First Person (Central Narrator)

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing is told entirely from Peter's perspective. He tells readers all about his life and his quirky family, especially his infuriating younger brother, Fudge. He's especially annoyed whenever Fudge messes with his pet turtle:

I jumped up. "Give him to me." I told Fudge. I took Dribble and his bowl and marched into my room. I inspected my turtle all over. He seemed all right. I didn't want to make a big scene in front of our company but I was mad. I mean really mad. That kid knows he's not allowed to touch my turtle. (2.83)

Because the book is told from Peter's point of view, we get the full story on all his encounters with Fudge and can see when he's fuming even when he acts calm on the outside. His parents may gloss over all of Fudge's shenanigans, but when Peter's telling the tales, he can give us the lowdown on just how aggravating Fudge can be and how much harder Peter's life is as a result.

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