Study Guide

This Is Where I Leave You Sex

By Jonathan Tropper


Sex is messy. (Emotionally speaking. Get your minds out of the gutter.) Judd Foxman knows this as well as anybody. His wife just cheated on him. He's jumping back into a fling with his old college girlfriend, Penny. His mom just started a sexual relationship with one of her lifelong best friends—and a woman, no less. And here's Judd stuck in the middle, hormones raging harder than they have since puberty. You might end up agreeing with his mom, Hillary, when she says that sex is just about "scratching an itch." Even if you don't, you'll still find a compelling look at the nature of sex in This Is Where I Leave You.

Questions About Sex

  1. Was Hillary's openness about sex a good or bad thing for Judd growing up?
  2. Why did Jen and Judd's sex life become complacent as their marriage went on?
  3. What does Hillary and Linda's romance say about the nature of sexuality? Is that really inevitable?
  4. What is it about Wade that makes Judd so insecure about his own sexual performance?

Chew on This

Through couples like Hillary and Linda (and even Judd's own experiences), This Is Where I Leave You argues that sexuality is fluid, not constant.

The novel makes it clear that sexuality cannot be detached from emotional and romantic concerns.

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