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Back in the Stone Age (circa 2001), iPods featured a black-and-white screen, a scroll wheel, and five buttons. The iTunes store didn't even exist, so early adopters had to rip their music off vinyl records or something. Technology moves so fast, it's easy to forget how things were before all the modern innovations.

From Russia with Love is like the first-generation iPod of Bond gadgets. While they're not flashy yet, they're a practical innovation that changed the franchise forever.

M: Q Branch has put together a smart-looking piece of luggage for us.

This piece of luggage is both a case Bond can take to an Airbnb of his choice and a device chock full of life-saving gadgets. It has a compact sniper rifle, a knife hidden in the side, and, if not opened the proper way, it spews gas into the face of the person trying to tamper with it. A must-have when traveling on United Airlines.

Bond, either careless or overly confident, doesn't want to take it. But M forces him to carry it along, just in case. Good thing, too, because the case ends up saving Bond's life at the end. Not only does he trick Grant into triggering the gas mechanism, but he pulls the secret knife and stabs the assassin with it.

From that moment on, Bond never leaves England without his gadgets. Some people can't leave home without their smartphones and American Express cards, but Bond literally can't live without his Q Branch innovations.

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